Scientifically Better

You’ll instantly notice the difference in the smell and taste of your water as the Indigo works to remove toxins and chemicals to a degree well beyond EPA minimums.

Customized Systems

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Water Systems

The Indigo removes the majority of toxic chemicals from your water. It goes well beyond EPA minimums and targets toxins not otherwise focused on, this includes Chloramines, Heavy Metals, VOCs and PFAs. 

Water Systems

Each commercial water filtration system is custom designed based on the needs of our customers. For commercial applications this means a thorough assessment of the property, including desired outcomes for its tenants.

The Indigo

Our focus is on the science of helping you improve your life through better water. The systems we install have been custom developed over the past 40 years by an industry leading water chemist and inventor.

Reviews from Real Customers

Reduce Exposure to Toxins

Indigo Water Filtration and Treatment Systems are designed to handle Florida’s notorious water. Based out of Clearwater, Florida and serving Pinellas County and the rest of Tampa Bay, our company specializes in applying 40+ years of water engineering knowledge to treat, condition and purify water during it’s last feet of delivery into a property and through your faucets.

While local municipalities work to make water safe enough to drink, bringing the water up to EPA standards, Indigo Water Systems goes well beyond that standard. Thanks to our proprietary water filtration technology we’re able to produce scientifically better water – water with far less toxins and chemicals. Of course this means the water tastes better, too!

Taste the Indigo Difference

Our clients consistently say the same thing: they can instantly tell the difference in their water after the installation of an Indigo customized for their property. This statement applies most immediately to smell and taste, as the water system is going to filter our chlorine right away which is most noticeable. 

Longer term, water which has been treated by our water system will reduce your exposure to heavy metals, toxins and chemicals found in city/county water. The entire home or property benefits as the system is installed right at the main water line into the property. Many of our customers also choose to have us install a Reverse Osmosis system and some opt for a water softener as well. Our custom solutions also include the ability to filter out fluoride to levels that are undetectable.